A1 Special Session: Asset Management
Sessionsleder Gert von der Ahé,
  • Daniel Pairon, Partner Global Lead KPMG Asset Management, Belgium
    KPMG's global Head of Asset Management will deliver a keynote presentation on the key aspects and challenges of asset management in the road sector and for infrastructure:

    -       The majority of public infrastructure is constructed during the economic growth period from the 1950's to the mid 1980’s leading to increasing challenges with ageing assets.
    - To future proof your road assets, you have to cope with shifting and growing demand coupled with changing lifestyle, changes in climate and transport revolutions (e.g. autonomous/electric vehicles and mobility as a service).
    - Road asset managers increasingly need to do more with less, and they need to become smarter. The solution is not just about technology.  Road organisations need to develop new operating models and increase innovation and collaboration between multi-utilities.

    This calls for a revision of the organisational strategy that can be driven by ideology and / or community wish list and tends to either favour short term political gain or provide utopian long term vision. KPMG will discuss a structured, diligent and strategic infrastructure asset management approach to target resources, adopt to changing priorities and enhance the transparency and defensibility of plans and funding requests.

  • Richard Collins, Senior Operations Manager - Asset Management, Colas Limited, UK
    Asset Management is about understanding the purpose, age and condition of the assets you manage, not simply knowing what assets you have. It’s about understanding the levels of service required, and ensuring the asset is managed to meet the demands of your customers and stakeholders. 

    Asset Management is about developing the knowledge and wisdom to determine the optimal, whole lifecycle approach that will target investment in your assets to achieve your corporate aims and objectives.

    Benefits from targeted investment include improved financial knowledge of the asset, improved customer service, improved asset operation, reduced short term maintenance costs and reduced claims for damage caused by a failed asset.

    With a comprehensive skill-set and wide range of off-the-shelf and internally developed tools the Colas Enterprise Asset Management service provides clients with access to expertise across the whole range of highways asset management, whether you need a ‘cradle-tograve’ service or targeted support.

    Colas has successfully managed and delivered a range of contracts across the globe. By pulling together the lessons we have learned, the skills that we have developed and the processes we have defined we are now combining network definition, data analysis and interpretation, gap analysis, scheme design and data modelling with GIS to extend that support to a wider audience.
TID5. december 2018 13.00-14.30 TILMELDTE55
STEDSalon 30+31 TEMADrift
A2: Asfalt
Sessionsleder Hans A. Muurholm
A3: Vejafvanding
Sessionsleder Bjarne Bylov Jensen
A4: Parkering og byplanlægning
Sessionsleder Katrine Langer
A5 Special Session: Mobility manage
Sessionsleder Pablo Celis
A6 Workshop: ITS
Sessionsleder Sven Ole Schmidt
A7 Special Session: Traffic noise -
Sessionsleder Hans Bendtsen
A8: Mobilitet og byplanlægning
Sessionsleder Henriette Kjær
A9: Ekspropriation
Sessionsleder Stig Haumann Langsager
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