C2 Special Session: Asphalt innovations
  • Dr. Martin Vondenhof, senior Application Specialist at Shell Bitumen will report on the drivers for innovation in Shell Bitumen (like e.g. recycling of asphalt, temperature reduction, or performance improvements), how we achieve these developments and of course about practical experiences.
  • Finn Thøgersen, The Danish Road Directorate will present Infravation, a research program carried out and financed by the Road Directorate together with 10 other road administrations in the last three years. The research program aims at developing new products for the construction and operation of the physical infrastructure, ie roads and bridges. The projects will end in 2018. With a total budget of over 9 million. € (including support from the EU), a total of nine projects with a fairly equal focus on roads and construction works have been implemented. 
TID4. december 2019 16.30-17.30 TILMELDTE0
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