A5 Special Session: Mobility management
  • Bonnie Fenton, Rupprecht Consult presents the FLOW project. The goal of FLOW is to put walking and cycling on an equal footing with motorised modes of transport when it comes to the ability to reduce urban congestion. In order to achieve this, FLOW has made improvements to existing transport modelling tools and developed an impact assessment tool, which assesses the impact of walking and cycling activities on urban transport network performance (i.e. congestion) as well as on other socio-economic factors.
  • Bronwen Thornton, Development Director of Walk21 presents the Walk21 idea as inspiration to mobility planning in Denmark and how to get more focus on walking. Walk21 is an international conference series, professional network and consultancy service set up to develop and share best practice which encourages more people to walk.
TID4. december 2019 13.00-14.30 TILMELDTE0
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